Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lamb Note Card Holder

Supplies (per student)
2 pinch type clothes pins
4-inch square brown or black cardstock/craft foam etc 
4-inch square white cardstock/craft foam etc.
2 google eyes
1 sheet computer paper (run it through a paper shredder for quick strips)
1 pencil/pen (to curl paper)
glue (cotton swabs or paint brushes would help spread the glue thinly)


  1. Cut out 4 inch round from white stiff craft material (imperfect circle is best)

  2. Cut out head and ears from black or brown craft foam, glue the head, ears and eyes

  3. Cut strips of white paper 1/4 inch wide, wrap paper strips around a pencil or dowel

  4. Apply thin layer of glue to sheep body, press paper curls into glue

  5. Glue head onto body

  6. Glue clothes pins to back of sheep body

  7. Display photo, note or prayer card in the clips
Here is another version of this craft using cotton swabs instead of paper curls

Hands to work, hearts to God,

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